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Family Owned Business


Everyone has a story

Heres ours .....

Justin and Megan were initially buying the yearlings and 2-year-olds to start in the feedlot, and then transitioning them to the arena. It became difficult to find the type of horses they needed at an affordable price. They wanted the whole package starting from the ground up: good feet, enough bone to last, strong shoulders, cute heads, sound minds to take whatever was asked of them, ability to be handled in a jam, short backs, big hips, and low hocks. They really liked crossing their cow bred mare on running studs, and the run/cow cross has worked well for them. They also felt like disposition of a good-minded cow bred mare is key and usually is passed on from mare to foal.   


In 2015 Justin and Megan moved to Vinita, Oklahoma to manage the family ranch which opened a door to expanding their breeding program. With time and God’s guidance, the duo, along with their two sons Jace and Tripp have gone from one mare to eight and own two stallions.  


They bought their first stallion Its Mr PYC To You in the fall of 2020. They wanted to make sure his first foals on the ground were a good representation of their breeding program before offering him to the public. His oldest foals are yearlings of 2023 and they are really pleased with them. Its Mr PYC To You will be standing to a limited number of approved mares in 2024.  


The Janda’s are also looking forward to seeing their homebred stallion Stolin Whiskey’s first foals hit the ground in 2024. He will also be offered to a limited number of approved mares for the upcoming season.  


“Horses are our passion; we hope to use the talents and abilities God gave us to glorify Him. Above all, we want our reputation to stand as good people with nice horses who enjoy good people and nice horses.” said Megan   

The people Justin and Megan have met through the horse industry are now some of their closest friends and they look forward to making new ones while expanding their breeding program into the future. They continue to take their young horses to the ranch and use them before exposing them to the arena.  

“Some days are long, and the heart breaks and disappointments can be difficult to handle, but selling horses you have raised and hearing how much people love them while watching them excel makes it all worth it.” exclaims Megan. 

Visit us on Facebook (link to facebook) for more updates and photos about Megan and Justin Janda’s breeding program. 

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